02. 08. 2017

Aktualisierte IFS Food Doctrine (in Englisch) erhältlich

Ab sofort ist eine aktualisierte Version der „IFS Food Doktrin“ in Englisch auf der IFS Food Homepage erhältlich:




Folgende Anforderungen wurden verändert: Processing of sparkling wine.

The clarification has been updated with a correction on the meaning of contents. Origin certification and other certification under specific regulations

A typing mistake has been corrected and translated into English:

PDO = Protected Designation of Origin

PGI = Protected Geographical Indication Are there any IFS rules for the use of translators during an IFS Food audit

The use of a translator in IFS Food audits is beside other languages not allowed if the production site’s language is Spanish. Exempted from that are IFS Food audits in Middle and South America. Use of a technical expert within an audit team in specific emerging markets:

The timeline of the rule for which the use of expert is allowed for specifics emerging markets has been extended until further notice.

For the criteria related to the technical expert, has been added that the use of a technical expert has to be notified at latest 14 days before the audit date as a comment in the diary function of the IFS portal.